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Clean Energy Programs
For Municipalities

There are numerous programs and methods to reduce emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. Here are some examples of existing rebate and incentive programs being offered to assist municipalities who would like to conserve energy and take advantage of renewable resource technologies:

LIPA Programs:

  • Geothermal Rebate Program -- Cash incentives are offered to municipalities that incorporate geothermal heat pumps into their facilities. Geothermal systems use the energy stored in the earth for heating, cooling and hot water through a simple, efficient process.
  • Green Construction and Renovation -- LIPA's Commercial Construction Program provides financial incentives to business and municipal customers who agree to install energy-efficient equipment in buildings under construction or renovation. The program also offers technical assistance to developer design teams to facilitate construction or renovation with an energy use performance that exceeds standard building practice.
  • Smart Equipment Program -- LIPA offers up to $100,00 per project for the installation of qualifying energy efficient lighting, chillers, motors, heating ventilation air condition(HVAC), and variable frequency drives.
  • Solar Pioneer Program -- LIPA offers municipalities a $4.75 per watt incentive towards the cost of a qualified solar photovoltaics (PV) system. (A full dollar per watt more than the $3.75 offered for residential PV systems.) Low interest financing is also available. PV systems use the sun's free energy to produce clean electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • LIPAedge -- LIPAedge partners agree to have their central air conditioning (CAC) systems adjusted a few degrees between the hours of 2 PM and 6 PM, for a maximum of 7 days, throughout the summer.
  • For more information on LIPA's Clean Energy Initiative, visit

NYPA Programs:

  • NYPA works with facility managers to identify, design and install new lighting and motors, as well as upgrades to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, in a single, comprehensive effort. They have installed fuel cells powered by waste gas at sewage treatment plants and assist with solar projects as well. To date NYPA has undertaken more than 1,200 energy-efficiency projects at some 2,500 public buildings, including municipalities, across the state, and offers direct project financing. NYPA's "Green Fleets" program helps provide light-duty electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles.

Department of Energy Programs:

  • DOE offers technical assistance, and grants to assist entities with increasing use of energy-efficient technologies.Through its Clean Cities program, DOE helps communities increase the use of alternative fuel vehicles for municipal cars, vans, trucks, and even refuse haulers & street sweepers.

Other Programs:

  • Keyspan can help municipalities replace old municipal vehicles with natural gas vehicles. Keyspan offers rebates and also assistance with finding special gas rates as an natural gas vehicle customer, applying for funding, developing a transition plan.
  • The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) also offers programs for municipalities such as: New York Energy Smart Photovoltaic (PV) or Solar-Electric System Incentive Program, a New Construction Program, Local Government Energy-Efficient Product Procurement program, High-Efficiency Public Street Lighting program, as well as offering technical assistance.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also offers publications, technical assistance, and grants.


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