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The 12th Annual

Organic Turf Trade Show

will be held on February 17, 2011.

The Trade Show, which is designed for turf care professionals, features vendors of 100% natural horticulture products, and workshops on organic care of lawns, athletic fields, and even non-toxic indoor pest control.

Come find out about the latest in organic land care.

Click here for more information.

Organic Lawn Educational Forums

If your organization would like to co-host an Organic Lawn educational forum contact the Neighborhood Network at 631-963-5454.

The Organic Lawn Educational Forums are sponsored by the Suffolk County Water Authority.

imageGlobal Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Presentations

Neighborhood Network is available to make educational presentations on the threat of Global Climate Change, and steps we can take to avoid it.

This is a concise, compelling talk and PowerPoint show given by Neighborhood Network's Energy Program Coordinator on this important topic that affects us all. Walk away well-informed and encouraged about what we can do in our own homes and towns!

If your organization would like to host a presentation, contact the Neighborhood Network at 631-963-5454.




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