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8am - 4pm
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Registration & opportunity to visit vendor tables 8:00am-8:45am

Introduction & Background 8:45am-9:05am

Workshop 1, 9:05am-10:00am Identifying Insect Pests
Dr. Tamson Yeh, Cornell Cooperative Extension
You can’t successfully deal with pests until you know what they are and what they are doing. Dr. Yeh will help you to identify common and problematic insect pests on Long Island by recognizing their physical characteristics and the damage they typically cause, and by understanding their lifecycles, habits and the conditions that are conducive to them. The presentation will feature detailed slides to help you distinguish between insects that look alike but have very different habits, so you can treat them effectively.

Break; Visit Vendor Tables 10:00am-10:20am

Workshop 2, 10:20am-11:20pm Pest Reduction Strategies in Organic Landscapes
Peter Schmidt, Compostwerks, Inc.
Creating the right balance of good soil biology is the key in organic landscaping. Mr. Schmidt will discuss strategies that we can integrate into our management practices such as grub management with beneficial nematodes, foliar insect repellents on ornamentals and soil enhancement to improve plant health.

Workshop 3, 11:20pm-12:20pm Insect, Disease and Weed Control on Ornamentals, Trees and Turf Using Natural and Non-chemical Practices (Hour 1)
Al Lane, Professional Tree & Turf Supply Co.
Mr. Lane’s comprehensive two-hour course will present a detailed overview of specific natural, organic, and biological products for insect control on ornamentals, trees and residential turf. Insect control products to be discussed will include horticultural oils, insecticidal soaps and pyrethrum, among others. Weed control products will include a discussion of corn gluten, iron HEDTA and citrus oils. The presentation will also focus on methodology and timing applications for the best results

Lunch Break, and Visit Vendor Tables 12:20pm-1: 30pm

Workshop 4, 1:30pm-2:30pm Pathogenic Disease Control on Ornamentals, Trees and Turf Using Natural and Non-chemical Practices (Hour 2) Al Lane, Professional Tree & Turf Supply Co.
In hour two of Mr. Lane’s presentation he will spend the first 45 minutes presenting a thorough synopsis of individual natural, organic, biological and botanical products to control pathogenic diseases on ornamentals, trees, and turf in a residential environment. Products to be discussed will include: CEASE (Bacillus Subtilis) – a new biological fungicide, and REGALIA – a new bio-fungicide. New natural insecticide products to be discussed will include: ORGANOCIDE – new label and low odor. CEDAR OIL – new uses for subsurface insect control. ECOVIA – a new botanical insecticide.

Break; Last Visit to Vendor Tables 2:30pm-2:50pm

Workshop 5, 2:50pm-3:30pm Putting 30 Years of Experience to Use in Advancing Cultural Practices That Promote High Quality Turf and Eliminate Pesticide Applications
Skip Wade, Cantiague Park Golf Course
Mr. Wade will draw on his extensive background and experience to present a detailed analysis of what grass really needs to grow using an organic approach to care. Often chemically maintained turf has underlying conditions that make it susceptible to weeds insects and diseases, which have been masked by the use of chemical pesticides. Chemically maintained lawns also may have suppressed biological activity, which should be restored to enhance the effectiveness of organic maintenance. Mr. Wade will describe a successful program with emphasis on feeding the soil to enrich it’s biology, increasing nitrogen content with organic fertilizer, watering less frequently but more deeply, mowing high to shade roots, controlling weeds with natural products and introducing beneficial insects to deal with pests naturally. He will detail cultural practices that will optimize the effectiveness of a non-chemical maintenance program, and discuss beneficial organisms, botanicals and other low-risk products and methods for controlling outbreaks of weeds, insect pests, and diseases without resort to chemical pesticides.


All Pro Horticulture
Connecticut NOFA / OrganicLand Care Program
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Greener Country
Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition (HBCAC)
Jonathan Green & Sons Inc.
Lebanon Seaboard - PCH
The Long Island Arboricultural Association, Inc.
LI Compost
North Country Organics
NY Landscape Contractor Magazine
The Peconic Estuary Program
Plant Health Alternatives
Professional Tree & Turf Supply
South Country Arboriculture, Inc

Please contact the Neighborhood Network at 631-963-5454 for more information about the Organic Turf and Tree Show.


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