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Suffolk County Golf Course Settlement

The settlement between the Neighborhood Network and Suffolk County calls for the two golf courses which are proposed for Yaphank to be constructed and maintained organically.

Some requirements of the settlement:

  • An Environmental Review Committee has been formed, which includes a representative of the Neighborhood Network to oversee the environmental operation of the golf course.
  • The Committee will develop an Organic Maintenance Protocol for the course. The protocol will direct the se of soil amendments and other organic products to be used in the event that soil testing does not meet adopted standards, and will determine allowable and prohibited products for use in pest and disease control.
  • The Couny will hire an Environmental Consultant to oversee the implementation of the protocol, develop soil sampling methodology, inspect compost and other organic materials to be used on the golf courses, and to serve on and advise the Committee.
  • Regular soil testing must be done to ensure appropiate levels of soil boilogical activity. If the tests do not meet the approved standards, materials specified in the Maintenance Protocol must be applied.
  • In the event of a disease or pest outbreak soil samples must be taken in the affected area, to determine any underlying soil deficiencies which may have contributed to the outbreak.
  • All reasonable organic treatent methods must be attemped to deal with an outbreak.
  • If it is deterimed that chemical treatment is necessary, the least intrusive (in terms of low persistance in the environment, low leaching potential, and low toxicity to mammals) product must be selected. The allowed products will be listed in the Maintenance Protocol.
  • After any chemical treatment, organic materials will be applied to speed the breakdown of any chemical residues, and to restore the soil's biological activity.
  • If synthetic chemical are used on the course, the Committee must meet within 45 to review the chemical use, and the compliance with the Maintenance Protocol.
  • There will be regular testing of groundwater downgradient of the golf courses.
  • There will be public meetings during the design, the construction, and at least once yearly during the operation of the golf courses to keep the public informed about the project, and to allow public comment.

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