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The 2015 Certified Organic Landscaper List

The Neighborhood Network Extends it's sincere thanks to Caithness Long Island for their support
and their sponsorship that made the 2015 Certified Organic Landscaper List possible.



If you would like to be included on the list
email [email protected]


* Indicates businesses that provide only 100% organic service to all customers.

Neighborhood Network cannot accept liability for the general business practices of the businesses listed above. Always check references

All businesses on the Organic Landscaper List are certified by the Neighborhood Network as:

  • having met our education and training requirements;
  • having demonstrated knowledge in organic methods; and
  • having signed a contract to comply with our standard for organic horticulture that includes lists permitted and prohibited products and practices,
  • and operating transparently, by agreeing to inspections to ensure compliance.

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