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Compost is one of the most valuable materials for organic turf maintenance. It is particularly helpful in restoring soil that has been chemically treated.
Good quality compost adds organic material necessary to feed the life in your soil, in addition to containing a great variety of beneficial micro-organisms, including some which can suppress turf diseases. Compost also benefits soil structure, improving water retention and aeration of the soil.
During the composting process, heat levels rise, killing weed seeds and pathogens that might be present in uncomposted organic matter, or topsoil.
You can make your own compost, buy it at better lawn and garden supply stores, or get from municipal composting facilities.

Municipal Compost Sites

The following towns and villages supply compost free of charge to their residents:
  •  Brookhaven (2 sites):
          Holtsville 758-9664
          Manorhaven 451-6224
  •  Garden City* 742-5800 x 237
  •  Islip** 467-3343
  •  Oyster Bay 677-5801
  •  Riverhead 727-8194

  • *Available to non-residents in July and August.
    ** Available to non-residents for a fee.

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