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Organic Landscaping is Sustainable Business

A Report on the Organic Landscaping Industry
on Long Island

Excessive use of and exposure to toxic lawn care products can be detrimental to the health of young children, companion animals, wildlife, and the environment, in addition to presenting a long term threat to the purity of the Long Island’s drinking water aquifers.

As concern grows about the detrimental impact of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, Long Islanders are turning to landscape companies that provide organic lawn and landscape alternatives to dangerous chemicals.

The objective of the report, Organic Landscaping is Sustainable Business (pdf) is to provide evidence regarding general trends in the organic landscaping industry, based on information gathered by interviewing companies that are included on the Neighborhood Network Organic Landscaper List. The report provides a general background of the organic landscaping industry on Long Island, an analysis of its growth, and conclusions based on the data and information.

This report demonstrates that the organic approach to lawn care on Long Island, in addition to being environmentally preferable, is also economically viable. The confirmation of the success of businesses that have abandoned the use of toxic, synthetic pesticides creates a strong argument that the pesticides that pose the greatest threat to our groundwater can be strictly regulated or banned, without preventing Long Islanders from maintain healthy, green lawns, and without causing undue economic hardship to Long Island’s landscaping industry.

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