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Tell the NY State Legislature:
Ban Toxic Pesticides for
Aesthetic Purposes

The Neighborhood Network is working towards the passage of legislation that would ban the use of toxic pesticides for the purely aesthetic, non-essential purpose of ornamental and turf grass pest control.

When you weigh the risks versus the benefits of using pesticides for aesthetic purposes, it’s clear that avoiding them is advisable, especially because safer alternatives exist. Too many children are needlessly exposed to chemicals in the grass they play on. Banning the use of these non-essential pesticides sends a strong precautionary message to citizens and encourages the chemical industry to provide safer alternatives.

Our goal is ban the use of toxic, synthetic pesticides for use on turf and ornamental plants, allowing only biopesticides and materials on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's list of "minimum risk pesticides."

Please write your State Senator and Assembly Member today. Urge them to sponsor the Aesthetic Pesticide Ban.

Sample Letter to your State Legislator

Dear Senator/Assemblyman(woman)______,

I am writing to urge you to sponsor the Aesthetic Pesticide Ban Bill.

I am very concerned about the possible health effects of pesticides, including nervous system damage and possible cancer-causing effects, and about the potential for pesticides to contaminate our drinking water. This law would ban hazardous pesticides from being used just to keep weeds out of lawns and insect pests off ornamental plants.

Please write to me, indicating that you support this important legislation to protect public health and the environment. I urge you to become a sponsor of the bill and work to get it passed this legislative session. Thank You.


Tips on Writing to Elected Officials

  • Stick to one issue per letter.
  • Tell why the issue effects you personally (e.g. you are concerned about your children playing on school property, you have a private well, etc.).
  • Always ask for a written response.
  • If your legislator does not know how he or she intends to vote on the specific bill you asked about, write or call again and ask for a direct answer.

Over 10 Million Pounds of Pesticides Are Applied on Long Island Annually

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