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Toxic-Free Schools Campaign

The Neighborhood Network has launched a new campaign to eliminate pesticide use in school buildings and on school grounds.

The Toxic-Free Schools Project is organizing parents to demand changes in school pest control policies, and offering help to schools in designing and implementing pest control plans that do not rely on toxic, synthetic pesticides.

Information is power, and beginning with the 2001 school year, parents across New York will be empowered by obtaining information about pesticide spraying taking place at the school their children attend. Due to the section of the new 48-Hour Neighbor Notice of Pesticide Spraying Law that applies to schools (NYS Laws of 2000, Chapter 285, Section 6), schools will provide parents with notices three times each year which will inform them about pesticides applications made throughout the year.

We are urging parents to write to the Superintendent of their school district to demand that the district adopt a pest control plan that eliminates the use of toxic pesticides in schools and on school grounds.

The Neighborhood Network also organizes seminars on organic maintenance of athletic fields and grounds, and non-toxic pest control in school buildings. School facilities managers, grounds keepers, and administrators, as well as health and safety committee and PTA members from all school districts on Long Island are invited. For more information about the last series of seminars.
Neighborhood Network Organics Program Coordinator Beth Fiteni and Executive Director Neal Lewis make a presentation on eliminating toxins at the Shelter Rock Elementary School.

Sample letter and more information about pesticides in schools.

Press release 1/9/02 on school compliance with new notification law.

The Neighborhood Network worked for 8 years to help pass the 48-Hour Neighbor Notice law. Each spring we organize a series of educational forums for homeowners, called: Four-Steps to a Toxic-Free Organic Lawn; and we also publish the Long Island Organic Lawn Resource Directory. The Toxic-Free Schools Project is part of our efforts to inform the public of how to avoid pesticide exposure at home and school.

We are also available to organize training sessions.

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