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Hub CAC Proposed Nassau Transportation Map

Middle Country Road Renaissance Project

Vision Huntington

The Montauk Highway Project

Congress for the New Urbanism

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Smart Growth and
Sustainable Development

The Neighborhood Network believes that continued growth on Long Island - and indeed in suburban regions throughout the country - must be balanced by measures that maintain the quality of life for citizens living there. Smart Growth focuses both on the process followed to improve new developments (utilizing visioning exercises where the entire community works with environmental, business, and government interests to collaboratively develop proposals) and the substantive results (which must advance environmental protection and appropriate development.) 

The principals of smart growth include revitalizing downtowns and neighborhoods, and creating a "sense of place", by encouraging a feeling of safety and security, and promoting suitable economic activity in commercial districts. Smart growth planners seek to encourage transit-friendly development by designing a mix of rental housing, retail, and office space that is accessible to transit in pedestrian friendly, walkable communities.

The 2005 Smart Growth Awards will be presented on June 17th. Vision Long Island will honor individuals, organizations and projects embracing principles of Smart Growth, and leaders working to bring those principles together into complete communities.

For more information, visit the Vision Long Island website.

Middle Country Road Renaissance Project

The Neighborhood Network is a project partner with the Town of Brookhaven, the Longwood Alliance, and other community groups on the Middle Country Road Renaissance Project. This is an effort to promote sustainable, community-friendly development along the Middle Country Road corridor in Coram and Middle Island.

Suffolk Smart Growth Policy Plan.

In October of 2000, Suffolk County adopted a Smart Growth Policy Plan designed to promote smart growth principals through the many departments and agencies operating in the County. This link will lead you to Suffolk County's web page, where you can download this document.

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